My name is Katarzyna – Kat! I am a Polish artist based in Gdynia (PL) and London.

I graduated from Central Saint Martins MA Character Animation course but I also have a master degree in Animal Bioengineering and Horse Breeding. I feel very confident in animal anatomy and biomechanic so it is easy for me to translate that knowledge into animation. Nature seems to be one of the biggest inspirations in my work. I’m focusing on 2d hand-drawn animation, visual development, character design and directing. I like to use also stop-motion to visualise my ideas, including sets building, modelling/constructing puppets, lighting and animating.

Currently working as a freelancer, I already had the pleasure to meet fantastic people from all around the world. My experience includes animation, clean up, character design, colour detail, storyboarding, illustrating.

When I’m not drawing, you can find me horseriding or hanging out with my dog!

I’d love to work with you on your projects! I’m available for whatever you feel I can help you with! From artworks, designs, visual development, colouring to animating – rough sketches, inbetweening, clean up. If you would like to contact me, please drop me a line on katmencfel.art@gmail.com (or mencfel.art@gmail.com, the old email)